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The MIDAS WTR Wave Recorder uses the proven Linear Wave Theory wave analysis method of measurement. The MIDAS WTR benefits from Valeport’s latest sensor measurement technology, together with 64 bit data processing, and an improved range of sampling options. Fast data upload, quick change battery carousel and intuitive operating software make the MIDAS WTR one of the most versatile yet easy to use pressure based wave recorders available.

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    The MIDAS WTR is fitted with a choice of strain gauge or high accuracy
    piezo-resistive pressure sensors, and a fast response PRT temperature
    sensor as standard. Note that whilst the piezo-resistive sensor offers a
    higher absolute accuracy, the quality of wave data owes more to
    deployment location and sampling pattern than to sensor performance.
    Optional additional sensors include Conductivity and Turbidity
    Data Acquisition
    In order to correctly measure wave activity, Linear Wave Theory requires a
    specific number of data points to be sampled over a period of time. These
    data points are then processed on board the instrument to generate an
    accurate summary of the wave activity during the measured period. The
    MIDAS WTR therefore operates in a strict pattern of “sample, process,
    sleep”, with the user controlling the number of samples and the sampling
    rate, together with the duration of the sleep period. This may be minimised
    for almost continuous sampling, but obviously at the expense of battery and
    memory usage.
    Sample Rate:          1, 2, 4 or 8Hz.
    No of Samples:        Powers of 2, 128 - 4096 (more samples = better data)
    Cycle Time:             Minimum cycle time is nearest whole number of
                                  minutes after processing has finished.
    Delay Start:             Instrument can be programmed to begin sampling at a
                                  specific time.
    Conditional: Wave    Sampling only occurs if pressure activity exceeds
                                  a defined level.
    The MIDAS WTR is fitted with 64Mb solid state non-volatile FLASH memory.
    Total capacity depends on setup. User may save any or all of the following:
                           Raw sensor data from each burst
                           Summary statistics of wave burst
                          Tide & additional sensor data
                          Spectral analysis of wave burst.
    If all data is saved, memory will typically record over 4000 data bursts.
    Sampling once per hour, this is over 5 months data.
    Internal: 32 x D cells, 1.5v alkaline or 3.6v lithium
    External: 9 - 30vDC
    Power: 0.7W (sampling), <1mW (sleeping)
    Battery Life: Depends on sampling setup, typically:
    >2 months operation (alkaline)
    >5 months operation (lithium)
    The instrument will operate autonomously, with setup and data
    extraction performed by direct communications with PC before and after
    deployment. It also operates in real time, with a choice of
    communication protocols for a variety of cable lengths, all fitted as
    standard and selected by pin choice on the output connector:
    RS232 Up to 200m cable, direct to serial port via USB
    RS485 Up to 1000m cable, addressable half duplex
    FSK 2 wire power & comms up to 6000m cable
    Baud Rate: 2400 - 115200 (FSK fixed at 38400, USB 460800)
    Protocol: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, No parity, No flow control
    Materials: Acetal housing, optional stainless steel (316)
    seabed deployment frame
    Depth Rating: Housing rated to 500m
    Note: pressure sensor may be less
    Size: 300mmØ x 290mm deep
    Weight: 12Kg
    Frame Size: 950 x 950 x 400mm
    Frame Weight: 35Kg

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